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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Prayer for the US 2012 Elections

 (This year, the United States of America will hold her general elections. We wish to join our readers in the US to offer this prayer that God will grant them a leader after His heart who will have respect for human life and dignity. All Pro-lifers are invited to say this prayer.)

Our Lady of America, Lily of Purity, intercede for our country during
 the coming elections. Since you are the ever Virgin Mary and Mother of
the true God, obtain for us from the Most Holy Trinity a president and
other political leaders who will support life, who will change the laws to
make abortion in any form illegal, and who will protect the life of each individual at every stage.
For the full text of the prayer, please Read More
 Our Sweet Mother, intercede for us that our next president will be a man
of God who will help the United States become a country of great purity
and high morality. A country that will uphold family life and influence
other countries throughout the world to love God above all, to serve Him
and to live for Him alone.
 Our Sweet Mother, time and again you have given us your gracious
assistance and thus we humbly and gratefully acknowledge you as

Queen of America . Intercede for us now, as we beg for the end of abortion
in our country and for the uprising of a culture of life.

We place our hope and our confidence in you! Our Lady of America,
pray for us and may Our Eternal Father shine His light upon this country
and the whole world.  Amen.    


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