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Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Prayer for Imo State

All Powerful and Merciful God,

We your people in Imo State thank you for the numerous blessings and favours we have received from you both individually and collectively. We ask for pardon for the several ways we have fallen short of your glory. Today we are held captives by the agents of bad governance involving both leaders and followers. As a result of this, we are suffering from spiritual, political, economic, social and intellectual blindness.

God our Father, our people have been impoverished by non-payment of workers’ salaries, neglect of pensioners, the dilapidation of social infrastructure, selfishness by our leaders, lack of befitting employment for our youths and reckless spending of public resources among others. Our roads have become death traps, our educational, medical and even political structures among several others have been rendered useless by false promises, deceit and bad will. Parents are no longer able to cater for their children and our youths cannot achieve their goals.

Compassionate Father, we beg you, touch the hearts of our leaders and all those responsible for our collective well-being, that they may have a sense of love, justice and good will. Since they are blind to our predicaments, grant that they may see again, so as to be sensitive to the plights of the suffering masses. Bless us with responsible governance and God-fearing leaders who will restore our lost glory and lead us into the Promised Land. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.

-    Uwakwe Chibuike MFC

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