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Friday, 7 August 2015

Homily/Reflection: Nineteenth (19th) Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B (August 9 2015)

Homily/Reflection: Nineteenth (19th) Sunday of Ordinary Time Year B (August 9 2015)
Theme: “The Eucharist: Food for Pilgrims”.

Stella and Sandra were two sisters who fell in love with two brothers Dickson and Thomas. All were from poor homes and were orphans. The two brothers decided to assist the two sisters who were more helpless, with the intention of having them as life partners afterwards. Dickson was a sales boy and used his salary to send Stella who was blind to a special school for the blind. Thomas was a truck pusher and used his daily wages to pay Sandra’s school fees. After some years, both girls graduated from school and became comfortable with good jobs. When the brothers initiated their marriage proposal, Stella wished she could see if only for a day, the face of the guy who changed her life and destiny. 

Eventually, one day, someone donated a pair of eyes to Stella and after the eye transplant, she saw. She saw Dickson but was disappointed to realize that he was also blind. She refused to marry him because she couldn’t afford to marry a blind man. Dickson later sent her a note which read: “I caused you joy but you caused me sorrow. Please take good care of my eyes because I sacrificed them that you may see me”. Sandra also refused to marry Thomas because he was a truck pusher. She couldn’t imagine herself as a graduate marrying a truck pusher. She appreciated Thomas’ sacrifices but preferred to marry a graduate. Both brothers were tired of life and thought it was better to have died than experience this.

In today’s first reading (1 Kings 19:4-8) Elijah was in a similar condition. Though his case was different but he was tired of life and asked God to take his life. He thought it was useless going on with life because of the wrath of Jezebel he incurred after the killing of the prophets of Baal. Meanwhile, Elijah was on his way to Mount Horeb at that time. Tired and wearied, he was discouraged in his journey and decided to lie down and sleep perhaps to die in his sleep. But the angel of the Lord woke him twice and gave him food and water to support him in his journey. Strengthened by the food, Elijah reached his destination. 

We too may have experienced similar situations like the one Dickson, Thomas and Elijah found themselves in. We may have faced several disappointments in life that we consider living as useless. We may have even wondered why God kept us alive or is still keeping up alive to witness these horrible situations. Like Dickson, Thomas and Elijah so many of us have been discouraged in life perhaps because after doing good to others we were repaid with evil, jealousy, wickedness and disappointment. Such persons remain passive in their spiritual lives because there is no more energy or zeal to keep moving until they reach their destination.

Today, in the gospel reading (John 6:41-51), the Lord is inviting us to believe in him so that we may have eternal life. Eternal life is to be free from our worries, disappointments, sorrows, tribulations, etc. and this eternal life is going to come when we appreciate the bread of life he is offering us at the Eucharistic table. Just as Elijah received food for his journey and was strengthened so the Lord gives us the bread from heaven to strengthen us in our journey towards eternity. We are pilgrims on earth and the journey is a long distance. Along the way so many things weigh us down, discourage us, and make us disappointed, tired, weak and helpless. At such moments, it is only Jesus, the Bread of Life that can strengthen and sustain us because He is the food for pilgrims like us.

Therefore, beloved brethren, have you ever identified your spiritual life as a journey? Have you ever felt weak, tired, disappointed or discouraged in this journey? Then you need to appreciate this unique dimension of the Holy Eucharist as food for pilgrims who are on a journey to our heavenly home. Do not be discouraged like Elijah to continue the journey when you fall or get tired or persecuted or displaced by unfavourable situations. The Eucharist is that bread of life from heaven and it will give you the energy needed for the journey. When we appreciate this bread from heaven by adoration and reception, it is only then that we can really love our fellow pilgrims knowing that we have the same destination – heaven, as the second reading (Ephesians 4:30-5:2) tells us. This energy will enable us become friendly, kind and forgiving so that we assist each other on the journey especially the spiritually weak. Therefore, with joy, why not approach the Eucharistic table today to renew your strength for God loves you.


  1. Dear Fathers
    your Sunday reflections are very useful and thought provoking
    Thanks for sharing your reflections with us

  2. Anonymous1:51 am

    nice homily. thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks so much for warm and enriching homily dear Fr. May the Lord inspire us with these reflection to be more and familiar and close to Christ. Ready to lay down our lives for our dear ones

  4. Anonymous3:32 am

    nice reflection. thanks


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