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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Catholic Bishop Orders removal of Blessed Sacrament from Churches/Chapels.

Following the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament in over ten Parishes, the French bishop of Bekkay-Ars, Friday February 13, has ordered that the Blessed Sacrament be removed from the tabernacles of all parish churches/chapels and kept in a more secured private place.

According to the prelate, the Blessed Sacrament may be returned to tabernacles temporarily for adoration if a sufficient number of faithful are present. The “only exception” to the decree is in the case of a “well-secured” metallic tabernacle with a resistant lock.

Hmmm. The Church is facing another danger. Last time some hoodlums went into a Church in Orlu Diocese and poured the Sacred Species on the floor and went their way. Are people openly fighting Christ through his Church?  They will definitely lose o. Tell them if you know them and please be on  the guard in your area.

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