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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wednesday 15th Jan, 2014: Inspirations from the Gospel (Mk. 1:29-39)

Wednesday 15th Jan, 2014: Inspirations from the Gospel (Mk. 1:29-39)

Mediocres do not achieve success in life because they are comfortable where people celebrate their half measures. Wise men do not relax where they are tolerated, they go to where they are celebrated. Those who influence the world positively do not remain only where they are celebrated, instead they explore other places and avenues. Success for them is an endless journey and what keeps them going is the determination to impact on many lives as possible.

In the gospel reading, Jesus did not relax in Capernaum where he was celebrated as a great healer and messiah. Instead, he wanted to make impact in the lives of other people in other places. Our goal in life should transcend becoming a local champion. Let us be innovative, dynamic and transcultural in our goals and aspirations. How many lives have you impacted positively on? Do you concentrate only on your family, friends, kinsmen in your effort to make the world a better place? Today is an opportunity to reach out to more people especially those who have less people to assist them. Come out of your comfort zones and where you are appreciated for other places where your services are needed. As you do this today, may the Lord grant you the energy and the means to make the world a better place through your little contributions. Good morning and happy Wednesday.

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