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Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday, 20th Jan., 2014: Inspirations from the Gospel (Mk. 2:23-28) - Feast

Monday, 20th Jan., 2014: Inspirations from the Gospel (Mk. 2:23-28) - Feast

Today, the Church in Nigeria celebrates the feast of Blessed Michael Iwene Tansi. The Gospel reading proper to this feast describes the Kingdom of heaven as a treasure hidden in a field which a man found with joy, sold all he had and bought that field. How happy this lucky man would be for possessing what he truly desired. In the open fields of the Scriptures, we find the message of salvation hidden under the lofty words contained in the Bible. It only takes a wise man who is currently trading on the paths of the Sacred Scripture to discover this hidden treasure. He goes back home to give up all he had just to find the room for this greater treasure. How happy he would truly be on possessing it.

Our brother Blessed Michael Iwene Tansi found this hidden treasure, gave up all he had including his career as a teacher and catechist and embraced this message of salvation in the religious life. Today, he is moving towards the sainthood. All the while we walk on the paths of the Scripture have you discovered any hidden treasure? Have you found any virtue to practice? Can you give up your evil ways to enable you do with is morally right? You may need to give up smoking, gambling, cheating, etc just to find space and time for God. As you go about this today, may the Lord grant you the vision to recognize this hidden treasure when you find it. Good day and Happy Monday.

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