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Saturday, 14 December 2013



Beloved friends, as we approach Christmas and the end of the year, the Lord assures us this Sunday that He has not forgotten us. The Lord knows all we have gone through and all we have suffered for His sake. He understands our plights, predicaments and disappointments and that is why the 1st and 2nd readings console us and enjoin us to be patient with the Lord who is coming with his retribution and to save us. As the gospel reading presents to us, He will save us from the hands of our enemies and would grant us healing and liberation. All those who are spiritually blind who cannot see His presence in the world will be given the sight to see Him. Those who are spiritually deaf and cannot hear His voice talk to us will be given the faculty to hear His consoling voice directly. All those who are spiritually lame and cannot journey with him through the events of their lives would receive the power to walk with him even across the sea. All those suffering from spiritual leprosy (sin) and have been quarantined outside of God’s mercy will be spiritually cleansed and admitted into the abode God’s mercy. Those who are dead in sin would be raised up to a life where grace would abound in them. This is the identity and mission of the Jesus we are anticipating. How prepared are you to receive Him and how ready are you to make yourself a vessel through which God’s goodness is transported to those who need them. As we draw nearer to Christmas, I pray that God may console you by lifting you above your limitations, and may He grant you a celebration filled with joy and thanksgiving. Happy 3rd Sunday of Advent. God bless you.    

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