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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Msgr. Peter Okpaleke to be Installed Bishop of Ahiara Diocese on 21st May 2013

Msgr. Peter Ebele Okpaleke to be Installed on 21st May 2013:
Find an updated post on the Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Peter Opkaleke of Ahiara Diocese here
.... including a Short Biography/Profile of Msgr. Peter Okpaleke
Though the episcopal appointment of Msgr. Peter Ebele Okpaleke as the bishop-elect of Ahiara diocese has generated a lot of mixed sentiments, the date for his episcopal installation has been slated for the 21st of May 2013 at the Mater Ecclesia Cathedral, Ahiara, Ahiara Diocese. The event is expected to attract people from various walks of life in and outside the Mbaise environs to welcome the new bishop.
A Short Biography/Profile of Msgr. Peter Okpaleke:
Msgr. Peter Okpaleke was born on March 21 1963 into the family of Mr. Reuben Ezeuko Okpaleke and Mrs. Bridget Ekejimma Okpaleke, all of blessed memory in Amesi town of Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State. He had his elementary education at Oganiru Primary School Uga from 1971 to 1979. His secondary education was at the nearby Uga Boys’ Secondary School between 1976 and 1981. On September 3 1972 he received his First Holy Communion and was confirmed on December 14 1975.
During his secondary school, he developed interest for the Catholic priesthood, an interest which led him to St. John Bosco Minor Seminary Isuaniocha in 1982 to begin his priestly journey. There he studied and sat for the Latin Diploma examination and came out in flying colours. In 1983, he was sent to the then Bigard Memorial Seminary Ikot Ekpene (now St. Joseph Major Seminary Ikot Ekpene) for his philosophical studies which he completed in 1987. In 1988, he was sent to Bigard Memorial Seminary Enugu to study theology where he graduated in 1992 with first class honour (summa Cum Laude).
During the course of his theological studies, he received the ministry of the Lector in December 1989, the ministry of the Acolyte in December 1990, was ordained to the diaconate in December 1991 and on completing his studies, he was ordained a priest on August 22 1992.
After his ordination, Fr. Peter was appointed Assistant Secretary to his bishop, an office he held until 1995 when he went for higher ecclesiastical studies at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) Port-Harcourt. He graduated with a Masters in Theology in 1997 and was recalled by his bishop to serve as the diocesan Financial Administrator. Then, he was also the assistant chaplain to St. Joseph the Worker Chaplaincy (Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka) where he later became the chaplain.
In 1999, he proceeded to the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome to bag a licentiate and doctorate degrees in Canon Law and graduated in 2002 with first class honours. While in Rome, he equally obtained a diploma in Ecclesiastical Administration.
Upon his return to Nigeria in 2002, he was appointed the Parish priest of St. Anthony's Parish Nanka from where he was elevated to the diocesan chancellor the same year. In 2011, he was appointed the parish priest of SS. John and Paul, Umubele, Awka from where the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI appointed him as the Bishop-elect of Ahiara Diocese on December 7 2012.
Msgr. Peter is a man of integrity and inestimable value. He is a gentleman, a pastor and a scholar. His unique personality has led him to several offices in and outside the diocese where her handled several ecclesiastical and secular portfolios. Among them are:
Member, Awka South Task Force on Petroleum (1993-1995)
Aguata Local Government Education Authority (1993-1995)
Diocesan Master of Ceremonies (1992-2001)
Secretary, Awka iocesan Pastoral Council (2002-2011)
Secretary, Awka Diocesan Presbyteria; Council (2002-2011)
Member, Diocesan Finance Council (1992-1999, 2002 till date)
Member, Diocesan Pastoral Council (1992-1995, 1997-1999, 2002 till date)
Diocesan Examiner (2002 till date)
Member, Committee on Creation of Parishes (2005 till date)
Judge, Onitsha Inter Diocesan Tribunal (2007 till date)
Member Priests’ Education Commission (2007 till date)
Member Canon Law Society of Nigeria, 1995
Coordinator for Research and Publications, Canon Law Society of Nigeria, (2009 till date)

For his hobbies, Msgr. Okpaleke has interest in reading, writing and making research works. He has several books to his credit. These include:
The Administrator of Diocesan Property (2002)
A Handbook on the Administration of Parish Property (2002)
Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution in the Church (2004)
Irregular Unions (Marriages) and Denial of the Reception of Holy Communion (2004)
Pastoral Visitation: Towards Knowing the significance and Necessary Preparations (2006).
The Role of Deans in Diocesan Apostolate (2009)
The Establishment Competence, Function, and Organization of Diocesan Pastoral Council (2010)
I believe in the Communion of Saints (2011)
Consultative Process and Not Democracy in the Catholic Church (2012)
According to Fides Newspaper description of this icon, the number two is very significant in his life. Apart from the fact that Msgr. Peter Okpaleke made two first class honours, one
in 1992 and the other in 2002, every decade that ends with the number two has a lot of significance in his life. In 1972, he received his first Holy Communion. Ten years after in 1982, he started his journey to the priesthood. In 1992, exactly ten years after, he was ordained a priest. In 2002 he obtained his doctorate and was appointed the diocesan chancellor and ten years later in 2012, he was appointed a bishop. What a wonderful coincidence!
We pray that the Good Lord who chose him for the episcopate will grant him the wisdom and grace to lead the people of God closer to God.


  1. Thanks you first and foremost with the insightful reflections with which you grace us each week, May yours fountain never run dry.
    Msgr Petee Okpaleke is a gift to the church, for us in Awka Diocese, we boldly make known of the blessing be has been for us this past years and pray that the Good Lord who has called him to the episcopate will use him in a mighty way for his flock in Ahiara Diocese. As multos Annos!

  2. Anonymous10:29 am

    Thank God for!!!! so finally they resolve the issue. But why at mbaise cathedral because there going to be a huge problem that particular day ......minitary or no minitary is going to be tough that day

  3. Anonymous11:44 am

    if you love him tell him not to 'put his feet in ahiara!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous3:49 am

    Lets think and act wisely for the sake of the Gospel

  5. Anonymous3:58 am

    Yes the WONDERFUL profile of Fr Peter Okpaleke is wonderful indeed, if he is trully a christian and Mbaise people have said NO we dont want you why is he forcing himself on the people. That very silly and unreasonable. All who know Fr. Peter from Begard memorial seminary Enugu can testify that Fr. Peter likes power by all means. If he has done Conflic prevention and conflic manegement why not withdraw and preserve your honor and prevent the on going crisis. Mbaise have said NO. Fr. Peter be wise. Tell him if you know him.
    All the services he has dont to the bishops and elderly priest inorder to gain church position am sorry God is looking @ us from above.Awka people rejected him for fr. Okafor yet his godfathers think that they must settle him LETS WATCH!!!!!.

  6. Anonymous4:04 am

    Those who use religion or bishopric to play are fighting with fire. Fr. Peter respect God and go home and rest ok. Or you join politics.

  7. You all that have chosen to be anonymous and have placed yourselves at dagger point with the mother church, will hide your faces in shame come May 21st. Quote me!

  8. Anonymous11:14 am

    @Lawrence Onwuaso, shut up your mouth. even if your brother peter becomes bishop on may 21 he is a titular bishop not the bishop of ahiara. all you that are supporting injustice will all be threated with injustice in your lives. and you should not lament nor cry. threat others as you will like others to threat you.

  9. Anonymous12:55 pm

    In deed msgr peter u v a wonderful profile but dent image,i must tell u dis,hw do u tink u wud succeed in a diocese were all sundry rejects you,appointment of a bishop should b a news of joy to all on hearing it,d say church doesnt do mistake,but on this issue it is a blunder,where injustice has prevail in the appointment of bishop,to do justice to what we r saying let the church in rome install any mbaise origin to any anambra diocese if the welcome him despite they welcome okpaleke as their bishop.

  10. Anonymous2:18 pm

    I am from Ahiara diocese, the question I ask is: why did our priests not present one of us within the time frame specified by law? Is the Rev. nominated bishop not a catholic and Nigerian? Is all this agitations for the sake of the Holy Gospel? Do we in Ahiara now have a priest who can become bishop?Is yes when did he get qualified? I hate racism/tribalism.

  11. Unfortunately for those saying they don't want Bishop Peter, its so much a sad case. he was ordained today and some Mbaise priests and laity have paid allegiance already. God gives it to who He wants, no human being dictates for God or his church.

    Settle down and work for the mandate of Christ with your new bishop

  12. Anonymous5:31 pm

    he is rejected from generation to generation.

  13. Anonymous5:33 pm

    oparaeke is rejected from generation to generation.

  14. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Can somebody tell me the number of seminarians from outside Anambra state who succeeded being ordained priest for Archdiocese Onitsha or Awka. Can somebody tell me what the change in statistics has been in Okigwe diocese since an Awka priest became bishop of Okigwe diocese. Apointment of Bishops is not an article of faith and does not invoke any sin against the pope or the church. Open your eyes and see the realities of what Ahiara diocese is crying for. Okigwe Diocese is in pain for having an Awka priest as a Bishop

  15. Anonymous10:05 pm

    The church has greatly been politicized. Let those who spearhead this evil of politicizing the church know that they are almost at the threshold of God's vengeance.

  16. Augustus Nwokonna1:34 pm

    bishop okpaleke is in ur hand to resolve this crisis by stepping down as ahiara bishop. Ur exellency indeed u read and wrote about resolution of crisis and conflicts. Why dont you resign in other to settle the issue in mbaise.bishop pls, donot go to mbaise other wise,you will be underated and mistreated for all the priests and lay faithful in mbaise reject ur comming as their bishop. Pls step down


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