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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Prayers Within the Apostolic Work

Apostolic Work Prayers: (Prayer for a successful apostolic work, prayer before teaching catechism, prayer before preaching, prayer over gifts and donations and prayer before going for home visitation. Feel free to share these prayers with your friends on Apostolic Work) - Prayers originally composed by Uwakwe Chibuike

Prayer Within the Apostolic Work:

Lord Jesus the Good Shepherd, I thank You for inviting me to work in Your vineyard, though unworthy I am. I solely depend on You for the success of this apostolate. I cannot work in Your vineyard without Your aid. Direct me on what to do and how to do it every day. Grant me the grace, disposition and enablement to be faithful to my duty and the grace to offer all that I have and am to Your service. Grant me the wisdom to handle all issues confronting me. Protect me and all that I have and grant me a good and sound health throughout this period.

Bless and dispose all those I will work with and for. Make them responsive and willing to cooperate. May they be edified with my work, come to know You better and grow in faith and holiness. May I believe the eternal Truths that I preach, practice the virtues that I teach and inspire all those around me. May I be a blessing to them and cause them to be ever grateful to You.

Grant O Lord that my weaknesses may not prevail instead may Your grace abide sufficiently in me to enable me overcome all trials and temptations. At the end, may Your spiritual and temporal blessings never elude me. You who live and reign with the Father and the Spirit God forever and ever. Amen.

Mary my dearest mother, I cannot do without your aid. I need you, please help me with your intercession and maternal care. St. Philomena, my heavenly friends, angels and saints of God kindly come to my assistance. Amen.

Prayer Before teaching Catechism:

Lord Jesus You have instructed Your Church to go and teach all nations and Your Church has given me the privilege to participate in this missionary mandate by teaching the Catechism of the Church to these little ones. Grant o Lord that I may teach them faithfully in accordance with the Church’s magisterium. Grant also to these little ones the gift of Your Spirit to enable them understand and learn. May they be quick to learn and retain what they have learnt in their memories and may this knowledge increase their faith in You and influence their lives positively. Amen.

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Prayer Before Preaching (within the Apostolic Work):

Lord Jesus, You have given me the opportunity to talk to Your people about You though unworthy I am. Send me the Holy Spirit to lead, direct and enlighten my utterances to speak more about You. May Your Spirit dispose Your people to have a deeper knowledge of You and grant me the wisdom and eloquence that I need. May my audience through my preaching be motivated by my words, instructed in their ignorance, encouraged in their faith, comforted in their sorrows, inspired in their Christian lives, have their spiritual and temporal problems solved and persevere in their trials. Amen. Holy Spirit of God - Enlighten and sanctify us.

Prayer Over Gifts and Donations (Within the Apostolic Work):

O God, it is for Your sake, for the sake of the Gospel and for the advancement of Your mission that these gifts have been presented. Kindly accept and bless them. Bless the donor(s) and grant their intentions and good heart desires. Let them know Your favours and come to be ever grateful to You. To all who will use them lawfully also grant your spiritual and temporal blessings and grant that these gifts be used to the greater glory of Your name through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayer Before Home Visitation (Within the Apostolic Work) :

Lord Jesus, during Your earthly ministry, You went about doing good. Today, You have commissioned me through Your Church in my own little capacity to go about and visit Your people. As I move into the villages, protect me from every danger and evil. I ask You lord to lead, guide, guard and direct me to truly represent You before Your people. May I give hope to the hopeless, comfort the sick and the afflicted, instruct the ignorant, get converts and win souls for You. Through my visit bless Your people, to the hungry give food, to the sick and troubled grant healing, to sinners grant them Your forgiveness and to the needy grant them their spiritual and temporal needs. Bless and reward my companions and give us all the grace to have a deeper encounter with You through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Prayers originally composed by Uwakwe Chibuike ( Feel free to share them with your friends.

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