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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine My Lovers

I have got no greater lover than you on this blog. That is why I quickly wish you "Happy Lovers' Day". You are here because you love this blog and I blog because I love you, my readers and wish to offer you my best.

Today has been very busy for me. My valentine had to be spent in the examination hall. This is to enable me acquire more knowledge more to serve Christ in you.
 I any case, I wish you the best of the celebration. Remember  the poor and the unloved and try to show them some love. Do not also forget your family members because sometimes,  we may be carried away by those we keep outside and forget those who are inside always waiting to welcome us when we return.

This is a wonderful period for families to re-unite, quarreling couples to reconcile, and aggrieved friends to forgive one another. Students ought to show some love to their lecturers for making them what they are and for preparing them for what they will be. Teachers must also show some love to their students for giving them

an opportunity to influence their lives.

This is a moment of appreciation. Appreciation motivates and reinvigorates true love. Do not fail to appreciate those you love at least for allowing you to love them if not for giving you their love in return.

Finally dearest friends, I have found the best of love in you. I appreciate all you have been for me at least for your readership, encouragement and suggestions. May we keep up the love we share together. Only time will unravel what shall become of our love in this blog. May the Lord bless us all. Love you all!!!!

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