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Friday, 30 December 2011

Woman Lies Upside Down for Three Months to Avoid Miscarriage

Every so often in the pro-life world there are inspiring stories like this one that offer a vivid juxtaposition between the culture of death (abortion) and a culture of life whereby a mother goes well above and beyond the call of duty to protect her unborn children.

Donna Kelly had suffered from repeated miscarriages and was desperate to ensure, when she found out she was pregnant again, that her unborn baby had the highest possibility of surviving. Kelly, 29, suffers from a very weak cervix and was at high risk of losing her latest baby, but she decided to lie upside down at a 45 degree angle for three months to give her child the best survival odds possible.
 She agreed to spend 24 hours a day on a hospital bed which was tilted skywards to lift her feet above her head and reduce pressure on her cervix.

Under the supervision of Professor Siobhan Quenby, a world-expert on recurrent miscarriages, she ate, read and watched television in the position, only leaving her bed to visit the toilet. She gave birth to Amelia, weighing 4lbs 15ozs, six weeks prematurely by emergency Cesarean after her waters broke in late August. The baby spent two weeks in an incubator in intensive care before being allowed home.

The birth of her first child, Joshua, four years ago is believed to have permanently weakened her cervix. She miscarried twice, at 23 weeks and 19 weeks, before Amelia was conceived. Attempts to stitch the neck of her cervix and strengthen it with hormone were unsuccessful.
“I was surprised when she told me to lie in bed at a tilt but I was ready to give anything a try,” said Mrs Kelly, a former gynecological nurse from Coventry. “It made me feel sick and I had a massive head rush at first but after a couple of days my body adjusted and I soon got used to it. I’d even have to stay in the bed to eat by rolling onto my side, but I’d always have a dead arm by the end.”

It could be boring at times but I knew it wouldn’t be as painful as losing my baby.”

Source: by Steven Ertelt | Dublin, Ireland | | 12/26/11 6:27 PM

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