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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Mariah Manisha, 18, a devout Catholic girl from Faisalabad, Pakistan was killed a week ago by a Muslim who had kidnapped her and intended to marry her. She refused this Muslim her hand in marriage so as not to compromise her Catholic faith or belief even when she knew her refusal would cost her life. Fr. Zafal Iqbal, a Catholic priest from Khushpur, where the 18-year-old Mariah’s family live, reports to Fides that "the girl resisted, she did not want to convert to Islam and she did not marry the man, who killed her for this. She is a martyr". The case was brought by Fr. Iqbal to the attention of the Commission "Justice and Peace" and the Bishop of Faisalabad, Mgr. Joseph Cutts.  A notes to Fides by Fr. Iqbal reads "The culprit was arrested and police are investigating. We hope that justice is done, while the community is sad and upset." It is quite unfortunate that this girl had to loose her life. 

From Mariah’s story, we learn to be faithful to our Catholic faith and never allow anything rip us of our faith. We should equally be ready to defend our faith at any level even if it means our martyrdom. May God reward her abundantly. Amen

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